Thursday, January 10, 2008

Taser Shock - the new mobile

A US company has now unleashed a new 'shocking' mobile gadget - the Taser that plays MP3s - and uses fashion and music to sell stun gun. At present the public can buy the device in most American states... and soon it is planned for European shelves. The Guardian writes that the iTaser - as it has been dubbed - combines a Taser stun gun ( used by 12,000 law enforcement and security forces, including the Metropolitan police) with an MP3 player and earphones:

As to which tracks anyone toting such a device might download on to the 1GB player that is integrated into the gun's holster, anything by Sparks or Frank Zappa must be fairly high on the list.

Arizona-based Taser International sells the handheld stun guns under the rather hyperbolic banner of "Changing the World and Protecting Lives". It maintains that the iTaser "allows for both personal protection and personal music for people on the go".

According to Rick Smith, founder of the company, "personal protection can be both fashionable and functionable". The company says the new device is particularly aimed at women - with red, pink and even leopard print designs intended to make carrying a stun gun fashionable.

Read in full - 'The Taser that plays MP3s'

Your new best friend??

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