Thursday, January 17, 2008

British roads 'unfit for purpose'

BBCNews writes on a recent report which has stated that British roads are 'unfit for purpose':

Britain's transport infrastructure is "not fit for purpose", according to the Policy Exchange think tank.

It said Britain has the most congested roads, the fewest motorways and "some of the worst public transport" among leading industrialised countries. But in a report, it said "relatively small" road charging on congestion hotspots would soon fund improvements.

A Department for Transport spokesman said the government was making record investments in transport. The future cost of congestion is likely to exceed the current £20bn a year and the problem is now endemic, affecting not just large cities but also motorways and small towns, Policy Exchange said.

This sounds like just the excuse needed to begin rolling-out extra road charging...

Read article - 'British roads 'unfit for purpose''

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