Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lasers to speed airport checks

This article from The Telegraph, UK, discusses the new technology being introduced to UK airports as an aim to 'improve safety and efficiency', or so the tagline goes. The article goes on to say that:

Trials are under way of new security screening measures that could dramatically enhance safety and reduce queues at airports. A number of companies are developing "nanotechnology-based" scanners that improve the detection of explosives.

One of the new techniques, which is expected to become commercially available later this year, can screen one person per second, according to Erwan Normand, of Stirling-based Cascade Technologies, which has developed the technology. Mr Normand said the technology works by using an infra-red laser light to seek out the chemical fingerprint of specific molecules of gases that are linked to explosives.

The screening equipment is easy to operate and has the support of the Home Office and the Ministry of Defence. It would sit alongside conventional security items, such as X-ray machines or metal detectors.

Read in full - 'Lasers to speed airport checks'

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