Monday, January 14, 2008


Worldchanging has a post called 'TheCityFix' that discusses sustainable transport and urbanization and a new blog on this callled TheCityFix - which I've looked at and have now linked to from this blog on the links list:

Over half the world’s population now lives in cities, with more and more people moving to them every day. Urbanization is not a new issue – a search on Worldchanging for “transportation” in the “cities” topic area alone returns 277 articles. Yet, despite all that has been written about urbanization, smart planning, and bright green technology, there’s still much more to be documented.

This is especially true when you get into the intersection of policy, technology, environmental science and urban planning. At least, until now. Yesterday, EMBARQ, World Resources Institute’s Center for Sustainable Transport, launched TheCityFix, a blog dedicated to exploring these overlapping issues. (Note: I work at WRI.)

EMBARQ is not a PR firm. It’s a robust, research-oriented organization with centers and partners around the world; it has worked and continues to work in places like Istanbul, Bangalore, Curitiba, Mexico City, Mumbai, Porto Alegre, Shanghai, and Pune. EMBARQ’s staff includes urban planners, transport engineers, policy experts, environmental scientists, geographers and sociologists. TheCityFix is this accomplished group’s effort to weigh in on the issues affecting our cities.


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