Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Cheapest car on earth

India have gone and done it again - used resources and technology to leapfrog current industry. The IHT reports in 'India offers cheapest car on earth' how Tata have broken the mould:

Every now and again in business history, a disruption comes along that breaks the conventional wisdom about cost, tweaking and paring features once thought untouchable.

Likewise, the $2,500 car, scheduled for introduction Thursday by the Indian company Tata, swims against the current, with a rear-mounted engine, a trunk that fits little more than a briefcase, and plastics and adhesives replacing metal and bolts in certain nooks. (Some analysts expect the car to be priced closer to $3,000, still making it the cheapest on earth.)...

...The car is thus a triumph, not of one great invention but of a new engineering philosophy rising out of the developing world, with potential to change how cars everywhere are made, industry experts say.

More cars on India's roads me thinks....?


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