Wednesday, January 30, 2008

'Coercion' plan to force ID cards on first time drivers

The Register writes that in the UK "Various forms of coercion" could be used to accelerate the rollout of ID cards:

the idea being that ID cards will remain 'voluntary' for as long as possible, while not having an ID card will become more and more uncomfortable. This, precisely what the government has intended to do all along, is stated baldly in an Identity & Passport Service leak cited by the Sunday People.

The IPS gives designation of a document under the ID Cards Act as an example of "coercion", and suggests driving licence applications as an area where this approach could be used. Effectively, this would mean that new applicants for licences would be forced to get an ID card. "There are advantages to designation of documents associated with particular target groups, e.g. young people who may be applying for their first driving licence" says the document. But "universal compulsion should not be used unless absolutely necessary."

Read in full - ''Coercion' plan to force ID cards on first time drivers'

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