Friday, January 11, 2008

Airports as a Brake on Global City Growth

The Future of Cities is blogging on airports as a "Brake on Global City Growth" citing that global cities across the world are "running up against an unforeseen brake on their future growth - airport and airspace congestion":

Last Thursday, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey - a quasi-governmental body that operates, among other things, the three urban disasters we call Newark, LaGuardia and JFK Airports - announced a number of measures to relieve congestion.( Read the full report) Alone, these three airports account for one-third of the nation's flight delays. According to the New York Times, which quotes the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M, the economic hit to the region is on the order of $7.4 billion annually.

Heathrow officially launched its bid to add a third runway last month. Here's what The Economist has to say about flying through Heathrow: "The experience is so miserable it even has its own name: the “Heathrow hassle”.

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