Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Crash Warning System Monitors Nearby Traffic

ScienceDaily has an article on how a group of European researchers have demonstrated in the lab a collision warning system for cars that could alert the driver several seconds in advance of an imminent impact:

The device could save thousands of lives and usher in the first steps towards the ‘connected car’. It knows its location, can talk to other cars and can tell the future. Are we entering the era of truly automated cars? The Collision Warning System (CWS) is the brainchild of the Reposit project, and they recently fired up a fully working prototype of their system.

The prototype can find its position using GPS, and find the position, speed and trajectory of neighbouring and oncoming traffic using an emerging car communication protocol called Vehicle2Vehicle (V2V). It can use that information to calculate the relative position of other cars, and then extrapolate where they will be in a few seconds’ time. If the data predicts a collision, it warns the driver.

Read article - 'Crash Warning System Monitors Nearby Traffic'

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