Monday, January 09, 2006

Ushering in 2006

Its a welcome return to 2006 - this surely will be a year of increased exposure to mobile technologies. What will be the buzzwords of this year? Will it remain the notion of convergence?

With ever more sites coming online dealing with mobility related topics it will make my job to filter stories ever more demanding - and I'm sure to miss so many good ones too! SO - please let me know of any stories that New Mobilities would be interested in.

At first - I wanted to point some attention to a few points raised in Lifeblog about the hopes and fears on the future of the mobile.

Also - a BBC Online article titled 'City-wide wi-fi rolls out in UK' that looks at plans to provide blankey wi-fi coverage for some major UK cities.

More blogs to be posted again on New Mobilities - hoping 2006 will be a good year!

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