Friday, January 20, 2006

2006 Aspects of Tourism Conference

Imagine There's No Countries:
University of Brighton @ Eastbourne
22nd-23rd June 2006

Professor Peter Burns is pleased to announce that Marcel Leijzer, Tourism
Policy Advisor to the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) has agreed
to give a keynote address about SNV's activities in sustainable tourism at
grassroots level.

His recent address to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
special assembly in Senegal last December emphasised the shift SNV has made
from project organisation to a clear focus on capacity building. Marcel says
(among other things) that interventions should be defined and 'owned' by the

We urge you to join us in Eastbourne in June to discuss these compelling and
important issues.

The conference aims to bring together colleagues to discuss theoretical and
practical issues around tourism's role in development and poverty

Among the specific themes included are:

* Global and Local Conflicts in Tourism
* Tourism Corporations and Corporate Social Responsibility.
* South-South Solutions to Global Problems
* Tourism and the Millennium Development Goals
* Anthropology in Action
* Economic Exploitation of the Exotic
* New Waves in Tourism Development and Planning
* Tourism and Development Methodologies
* Gender Equality and Participation
* Paradoxes and critiques of ecotourism
* Fieldwork Methodologies

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