Tuesday, January 10, 2006

User innovation in mobile media -- 2006 is the year

In a recent Smartmobs post:

Thought-provoking and knowledgeable post on Communities Dominate Brands about smartmobby user innovation in mobile media:

When we combine the trends of podcasting, user-participation (voting in Big Brother/Pop Idol etc) to citizen journalism (Oh My News, 7/7 London bombings) and the over 100 million cameraphones already in use, very soon we will see radical new innovations in user-created content to develop video content alongside the traditional TV broadcasters. Italy's Three/Hutchison has already started along this road where video bloggers get paid a revenue share of the fee charged to those who view their video blogs.
Mobile TV is only four years old, as two innovations were launched simultaneously in 2001. In Finland SMS-to-TV chat went live, while MTV launched Videoclash - the programme where viewers could decide what videos to see next, and vote via mobile phones. Since then in 2002, 2003, 2004 and even 2005 when I met with thinkers in this TV-Mobile space, most were always only thinking of putting football highlights, news clips etc onto mobile phones. Boring boring boring.

Now in 2005 we've seen first signs of real innovations - you have to see MTV's Head and Shoulders to really "get it" - what we can do and what can really sell - on mobile TV. When Robbie Williams promoted his new CD, he had his concert simulcast to 3G phones. At the MTV Europe Awards the mobile MTV channel went back stage and shot exclusive footage that was only seen on mobile phones. At Big Brother houses around Europe it is now commonplace to have exclusive cameras - and latest innovation from Finland this Autumn, exclusive microphones - that viewers of the show can get more through their 3G phones.

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