Friday, January 27, 2006

Future Matters - Futures Known, Created and Minded

Perhaps not strictly a mobility item, yet I find the concept of 'futures' to be a part of where mobility is fitting in, hence this post about the upcoming gig in Cardiff:

Conference Announcement and Call for Papers

Future Matters - Futures Known, Created and Minded

An International Conference

Cardiff University, Glamorgan Building

September 4 – 6, 2006

The conference brings together academics, artists, entrepreneurs and policy makers to consider questions of the future that address three overarching themes:

* Knowing futures - relates to our ability to anticipate futures through art, science and imagination.
* Creating futures - relates to industrial societies capacity to produce long-term futures. We produce such futures everyday through work and play, politics and technology.
* Minding futures - Relates to sustainability and the need to know, care and take responsibility for long term futures of our making that are already underway.

This be a lively, multi-disciplinary event and presents a unique opportunity for speakers to address an audience beyond their usual field of expertise. Contributions should look to engage people from different backgrounds - critical thinkers, artists and social entrepreneurs.

Keynote Speakers

Wendell Bell, Futurist and Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Yale University

Jérôme Bindé, Director of Foresight, Philosophy & Human Sciences, UNESCO

Josephine Green, Director of Trends & Strategy at Philips

Wolfgang Sachs, Author, Director of Globalisation & Sustainability Project, Wuppertal Institute

David Ambrose, Storyteller, Wales

Gwyneth Lewis, National Poet of Wales 2005

More information (including a booking form and suggested accommodation options) is available on the web at .

Call for Abstracts: please send abstracts of papers or descriptions of pieces to be exhibited/performances (max length 200 words) by email as either Word or PDF files to: Deadline for submission is 31 March 2006.

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