Monday, January 09, 2006

New breed GPS vehicle tracking system

GPS vehicle tracking has been around for as long as GPS, but a new and very interesting variant debuts at the CES later today which enables parents and commercial fleet owners to track when, where, how far, how fast and how aggressively a vehicle is being driven. This information is tracked passively via GPS satellites and recorded on an in- vehicle DriveSync receiver and USB data key. Because the information is tracked off-line, DriveSync eliminates the high monthly service fees associated with other GPS vehicle tracking systems. Results can be viewed by detaching the data key from the receiver unit and inserting it into a computer USB port. The vehicle tracking results are uploaded to a DriveSync server where the data is interpreted and consolidated into customized reports. These reports, including trip logs, route maps and usage alerts, are viewed via a secure, password-protected website.

Read article - 'CES 2006: new breed GPS vehicle tracking system provides detailed analysis of driving behaviour'

Via Gizmag

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