Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tech-savvy people have RFID implants

A recent article from - 'Computer chips get under skin of enthusiasts' - writes of a group of tech-savvy young people who are implanting chips under their skin in order to have remote control over such devices as their computer and other household appliances:

"With a wave of his hand, Amal Graafstra, a 29-year-old entrepreneur based in Vancouver, Canada, opens his front door. With another, he logs onto his computer.

Tiny radio frequency identification (RFID) computer chips inserted into Graafstra's hands make it all possible."

RFID tagging and implants have been under discussion for some time, and the implications are becoming more widespread:

"In the future, technological advances will allow people to store, transmit and access encrypted personal information in an increasing number of wireless ways"

The globe is becoming increasingly unwired - yet mapping technologies and strategies are also becoming increasingly more ubiquitous...

The future may be a struggle between being unwired and being unwatched...

Via Between Both Worlds

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