Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Using Pictures to Mobile Web Search

There are some interesting innovations now emerging on using mobile phone applications to search the Web.

Microsoft's Lincoln 'is a way of finding information on the Web using images instead of keywords." The software works by matching pictures taken on phones with pretagged pictures in a database. It provides the best results when the pictures are of two-dimensional objects, such as magazine ads or DVD covers' - read in 'Mobile Web Searches Using Pictures'

Also, 'the Nokia research team has demonstrated a prototype phone equipped with MARA software and the appropriate hardware: a global positioning system (GPS), an accelerometer, and a compass. The souped-up phone is able to identify restaurants, hotels, and landmarks and provide Web links and basic information about these objects on the phone's screen. In addition, says David Murphy, an engineer at Nokia Research Center, in Helsinki, Finland, who works on the project, the system can also be used to find nearby friends who have phones with GPS and the appropriate software' - read in 'Hyperlinking Reality via Phones'

Also - read about how new technologies will make online search more intelligent - and may even lead to a "Web 3.0." as the 'hype' goes! - read in 'A Smarter Web'

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