Tuesday, March 20, 2007

British Digital Divide

The Office for National Statistics has said that there's a growing gap between older people and lower income households who have little or no access to new technology and higher income households who are far more likely to have internet access:

Overall, the ONS study found that Britain is fast becoming a nation that is better connected; the crossover year is seen as 2003, with more households having an internet connection than not having one. The number of broadband connections also overtook narrow band connections two years ago. However, the study showed that 55% of over-50s had not used a computer in the past three months, compared with 13% of people aged 16 to 30. More than 90% of households in the highest income group have internet access, dropping to less than 20% for low earners.

"We live in an increasingly connected society, with the rapid advance of information and communication technology in business and in the home," the ONS said. "But by no means everyone has joined the digital age."

Read in full - Digital divide grows for older Britons as others connect to new media


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