Thursday, March 01, 2007

Novel antenna for in-car satellite receivers

The ESA reports on satellite multimedia system for cars. Another ESA Telecommunications project, NATALIA, is designing a mass-producible antenna for this and similar systems:

The satellite multimedia system for cars works in a similar manner to a satellite receiver for television channels. However, a car cannot have a large dish antenna on its roof. The demonstrator vehicle uses a specially designed mobile antenna, reduced in height to make it practical for mobile use.

To receive the signals, the antenna must be pointed towards the satellite. For mobile receivers, the antenna direction must be adjusted as the vehicle orientation changes. On the demonstration vehicle this is accomplished by using a motor to turn the whole antenna.

NATALIA concept

NATALIA concept

The New Automotive Tracking Antenna for Low-cost Innovative Applications (NATALIA) project aims to design an antenna that is electronically steerable in both azimuth (compass direction) and elevation (height above the horizon). The design is intended to be suitable for mass production.

Read in full in Novel antenna for in-car satellite receivers

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