Friday, March 16, 2007

The growth of RFID

This report states that No regulations planned for radio ID tags in that the EU 'would not curb the growth of the tiny radio transmitter tags that transportation companies, retailers and manufacturers use to track goods and purchases, saying it was confident that the RFID tags could be designed to protect consumer privacy':
According to the commission, the RFID market in Europe, worth €500 million, or $662 million, this year, will grow to €7 billion by 2016. Worldwide, more than one billion RFID tags were sold in 2006.

Reding said the full commission had endorsed her decision. Last year at Cebit, she raised the possibility of RFID regulation, citing "a future of ubiquitous surveillance, identity theft and low trust."

Yet without regulation, can security really be protected??

Via Smartmobs


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