Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Games 'make drivers go faster'

BBCNews reports in 'Games 'make drivers go faster'' how more than a third of young drivers are more likely to go faster on the roads after playing on-screen driving games:

And 27% of motorists aged under 24 admitted more risk-taking on the road after a gaming session. A thousand drivers were questioned on behalf of driving school BSM.

BSM's road safety consultant Robin Cummins said the results showed an 'indisputable' link between gaming and dangerous driving. A quarter of drivers even said they imagine they are in a driving simulation game while driving for real - men are the worst offenders for this.

The poll also found that 34% of the 1,000 young drivers questioned think computer games can improve real-life driving ability, with two in five reckoning the games can help their reflexes.

So, another survey that shows the effect of the digital realm onto the physical...

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