Friday, February 02, 2007

Tracking Your Car by Phone & E-Mail has this post on Tracking Your Car by Cell and E-Mail:

Inilex Inc. uses global-positioning satellites to track the location of customers' cars and deliver a host of other information. PhysOrg reports.

The "Kepler Advantage" device, sold through car dealers for $600 to $1,100 plus a monthly subscription, looks like a walkie-talkie and gets stowed covertly under the dashboard.

Then car owners or corporate fleet managers can go on an Inilex Web site to track their vehicles' locations - and set up alerts that would be delivered by e-mail or a cell-phone text message.

With this service, you can be notified within minutes that your parked car has been moved, presumably by a thief, and shown where it is in real time - fruitful information to pass on to police.

Of course...the sacrifice is, again, privacy - control or transparent society? Take your pick...

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