Monday, February 19, 2007

Mindful Disconnection

Taking time off from the digital connectedness... that's what this piece is about - Mindful Disconnection: Countering the Panopticon from the Inside -

Perhaps the act of mindfully disconnecting specific times, spaces and situations in our lives from technological mediation ought to be considered as a practical form of resistance – an act of will on the part of individual humans as a means of exercising control over the media in their lives. It remains uncertain whether it is possible or preferable to disrupt the technological augmentation of human thought and communication that is becoming available to most of the earth's population. We are not as convinced as others that technology is only, primarily, or necessarily a dangerous toxin. There is a danger in locating technologies' malignancies in the tools themselves rather than the way people use them and mentally distancing us from responsibility for the way we use our creative products might diminishes our power to control our tools.

I think this is a serious issue.. I know I like to disconnect myself from time to time, and take a walk amongst the green fields of Nature's beauty... will living 'off the Net' be an option in the future...?

Via Smartmobs

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