Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tagging the Patients

This time tagging technology is being flagged not for 'suspects' or schoolkids, but for hospital patients. The BBC reports in 'Tagging' improves patient safety how patients are wearing hi-tech wristbands in the wards:

On arrival, they have a digital photo taken and that, plus the details of the care they need, are loaded on to an electronic tag contained in a wristband they can wear throughout their stay.

The tags mean any member of staff caring for that patient can read the tag details using a PDA to check they are treating the right person.

They can also see what checks the patient has had, or if they are ready for surgery, to ensure they get the right drugs, tests and operations via the checklist on the PDA. Schemes such as this, which tag patients, and bar-coding drugs and hospital equipment, are being seen in a number of UK hospitals.

And what will happen with the information once the patient has left the hospital?

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