Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mediterranean Mobilities Research

The Mediterranean Mobilities Research Network now has its new website up and running: and re-titled as 'Medmobilities'. Specific aims of the Mediterranean Mobilities Network is to 'look at the region in innovative and critical ways that capture its transnational complexity and aims at generating and disseminating policy relevant intelligence on issues of cosmopolitanism and sustainability':

* To raise awareness about the interconnectedness and interdependence of peoples and places across the Mediterranean, now and historically;
* To promote comparative, transdisciplinary and historically sensitive research on Mediterranean mobilities;
* To bring together academics, practitioners and policy-makers;
* To serve as a centre for exchanging information between civil society actors and the academia;
* To support research students in the UK with an interest in the Mediterranean;
* To organise and contribute to seminars, conferences and symposia nationally and internationally.

Worth checking out as the site will be updated weekly and any relevant information about the region will be very welcomed.

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