Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mobile networks powered by wind

This BBC post on 'Mobile networks powered by wind' discusses how wind and solar energy could be used to set up mobile phone networks in rural areas of the world without power:

The world's first mobile phone base station powered by wind and the sun's rays will soon open in Namibia. The trial follows a pilot held in Swindon, UK, led by Motorola. Mobile firm MTC Namibia will run the cell.

MTC has been using base stations powered with just solar energy but will turn to the wind for the first time for the trial in the village of Dordabis, 40 kilometres east of the capital city Windhoek.

"This solution is perfect for areas only accessible by helicopter - that's where we would be looking to deploy this technology" - Linda Brown, Motorola UK

This ties in with my earlier post on how India hopes to start using mobile base stations that use generators running on biodiesel - in 'Mobiles switch on with biofuels'

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