Friday, February 02, 2007

Indeed, 'war' is increasingly mobile - so I thought it worthwhile to point to this site: Mankind Must Manage World Without War Website (MMMWWW):


This website is intended for people who are concerned about the threat of nuclear weapons, who want to do something about helping to eliminate conflict and want to become involved, but who feel they need to learn more about the issues before taking the next step.

Through the MMMWWW project, we hope to stimulate a greater awareness of global conflict, in whatever form; religious, social or political. We will be following a programme initiated by Dr Brendan O'Regan and Irish Peace Institute who have already collaborated with prominent leaders in other fields, including Nobel Peace Laureates, religious leaders, military experts, students and environmentalists in creating the Mankind Must Manage World Without War series...

Creating visual material highlighting the causes and consequences of conflict.

Create and distribute publications exploring conflict related themes

Provide an opportunity, through our web site, for opinion makers from different professions to contribute to a discussion on aspects of global conflict and conflict resolution.

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