Monday, January 22, 2007

Tracking illicit nuclear trade

The Engineer Online has an interesting new post on tracking illicit nuclear trade:

A Sandia researcher says he has developed a simulation program designed to track the illicit trade in radiological material and predict who is building the next nuclear weapon and where they are doing it.

‘By using a cluster analysis algorithm coded into a program, I evaluated those traffic patterns and routes in which thefts, seizures, and destinations of materials were reported,’ said Sandia researcher David York. ’Data from these examinations were enough to allow me to retrospectively depict the A. Q. Kahn network before it was uncovered.’

Kahn is a Pakistani scientist linked to the illicit proliferation of nuclear technical knowledge. Cluster analyses link data of common place, time, or material. Testing a computer simulation on a known past event is one accepted means of establishing the program's validit

A niche market for this kind of program?

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