Thursday, January 18, 2007

CIty of Tunnels

Subtopia has a great post about a group of eighteen specialized Border Patrol agents - dubbed the “Tunnel Team” - who’ve been trained 'in confined spaces and hand-to-hand combat'. This team guards 'the storm drain tunnels and underground passageways that extend below the border city of Nogales where Arizona and Sonora, Mexico meet':

Around the clock this nocturnal crew claws its way through the foliage of one of the world’s darkest urban jungles where an immeasurable number of smugglers, bandits and courageous migrants cross paths with them every day often times without even knowing it...

...And so, welcome to the brave new world of cross-border tunnel migration and militarization – and, what could be the glimpse of a future (sub)urban world as more nation states wall off their borders from the increasing flows of global migration.

Read the original post for some interesting facts and pictures into underground immigration...

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