Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sync in-car computer system

Bill Gates of Microsoft has unveiled a new in-car computer system which will connect to other gadgets and could turn millions of cars into hi-tech computers on wheels. Gates announced in usual high profile style in Las Vegas recently about a deal with car manufacturer Ford. With this deal Microsoft hopes to revolutionize the way people interact with their vehicles:

'Mr Gates told a crowd of experts at the huge Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas how better use of communication technologies could change the way we travel. "It's got to be simple, with safe ways to get the driver involved," he said. "We've been investing in this for some time."

The system, called Sync, will integrate the car directly with the gadgets carried in the pockets of passengers. Cars will automatically connect to music players and mobile phones, allowing the driver to control them using their voice. By talking to the system, travellers will even be able to send text messages - or listen to ones that they have received as the computer reads them out loud.'

Read at Guardian Online

Read more at 'Ford-Microsoft software unveiled' on BBC Online

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