Monday, January 29, 2007

Telehealth systems in the UK

CNet News in 'U.K. health service plans 'telehealth' rollout' posts on plans for the U.K.'s National Health Service to deploy so-called "telehealth" systems in homes around the country:

The telehealth devices would probably be targeted at elderly and seriously ill people. It's not clear exactly which features the devices would include, although it's likely they would be equipped with sensors and possibly cameras. Patients might be able to take their own blood pressure and upload the results to the NHS systems, for example.

Granger said that existing security levels in hospitals are on a par with those of the best banks, but uncertainty remains over the security levels that will be supported by telehealth systems.

"Are we going to do that with hundreds of thousands of unpaid carers and voluntary workers who work in people's homes? Maybe, maybe not," Granger told the symposium.

Another NHS computer screw-up, one wonders??

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