Friday, January 26, 2007

Meta-Mobile: Telepathy on the Streets

The IFTF Future Now blog mentions an intriguing concept that it terms 'Telepathic urbanism' from a recent talk by Anthony Townsend at an Ann Arbor conference:

Anthony Townsend of the Institute for the Future discussed the role of mobile devices in the future of the city. With mobiles, people can record, document, and annotate social space. Ideas, insights and emotions can be transmitted. Townsend calls this functional telepathy “telepathic urbanism.”

Telepathic Urbanism would help us experiment with new social ways of urban living that are based on real-time information and feedback. Thus we could get more out of the existing structures of cities and optimize our lives in them through a better representation of their energy, resource and material realities.

I would like to hear more on this topic... has me hooked!

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