Monday, January 22, 2007

Digital Communities 2007

The IGU Commission on the Geography of Information Society and Digital Communities announces its 2007 joint meeting in Tallinn, Estonia and Helsinki, Finland.

Digital Communities 2007 - Mobility/Mindset/Maturity: Call for Papers

After sixty years of electronic computing and a decade of commercialized Internet use, it is valuable to evaluate the influence of information technologies on our lives and to plan for an ICT enabled future. Among the emerging applications of ICT are its growing mobility and influence on our movements, and widespread adoption in many societies. The potential of ubiquitous information access and maturity of the basic technologies prompts consideration of our past experience and future preparedness.

While all topics associated with the spatial and social context of ICT are welcome, general topics of interest include:

* Mobility: The social, economic, and spatial implications of emerging information technologies that span the spectrum from enhanced mobile phones to ubiquitous computing, and shape our
ability to move and access information.
* Mindset: The way that individuals, organizations, and governments understand ICT and exploit and plan for future advances in information technologies. How do we conceptualize ICT; and do we need to change the way we perceive these technologies? What changes in mindset accompany the transition to ICT enabled intelligent development?
* Maturity: ICTs are no longer emerging technologies but, in many societies, well established elements for government, business, and social interaction. What does the maturity of ICT mean for development, policy and communities?

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