Friday, May 26, 2006

Your junk mail will track you

Yep, thats right - tracked by new GPS junk mail!!

An article in Australian IT titled 'Satellite solution delivers' writes that:

'THE delivery boy had better think twice before he dumps all those catalogues in the drain at the end of the street.

Media and printing group PMP is to introduce a new GPS (global positioning system) track and trace technology that will be able to detect if the deliverer fails to insert them in the letter box. The same system will eventually be used to gather more information about households on the walker's beat so that marketing can be targeted to them.
Delivery boys, known in the industry as "walkers", will feed into the GPS satellite tracking device information about households - whether they have dogs, their homes need a coat of paint or their roofs need repairing.

This can then be fed into the system to be used by pet food, paint and roof retailers. '

Part of the Everywhere Web 2.0? Is such a 'smart environment' really going to be smart for those spammed by advertising?

Thanks to Smartmobs for the link

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