Friday, May 26, 2006

Next wave of mobiles

The Age has an interesting article by technology writer Garry Barker, called, simply - 'The mobile phone revolution':

"The mobile phone will become your ticket on the train and tram, it will pay for your breakfast muffin and coffee and, according to Visa and MasterCard, it could even take over the functions of your credit card.

...Further into the future the computer chip and memory built into the next generation of mobile phones will begin replacing the identity cards that give access to our workplaces and hold our personal information. The mobile phone could even replace the new smart Medicare card the Government has just introduced.

...In future, instead of wearing an ID card around your neck, you may simply identify yourself to a building's security system by walking through an electronic gateway with your mobile phone. Your phone could also become the electronic key to your car and house."

Convergence of hardware and convenience - a move towards the immobilities of mobility?

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