Friday, May 12, 2006

Real-Time Maps Could Help Make Cities More Livable

In a MIT TechReview post titled 'Real-Time Maps Could Help Make Cities More Livable', it discusses projects to map real-time city/urban information onto digital maps to help towards such things as urban planning + design, friend/restaurant locationing, traffic monitoring, and disaster emergency:

'Imagine you have a real-time situation of movement of traffic in the city. If everybody knew about that they could optimize their movement through the city based on overall conditions. For example, we've been invited to do a project for the Venice Biennale, probably the largest exhibition on architecture and urban studies in the world. It happens every other year in Venice, and this year it will be about cities. Our project is called Rome in Real-Time. We will be trying to overlay on the city map all the real-time information we can get today, starting from cell-phone information, but also including the position of buses and taxis, and overlay all of them on the map.'

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