Monday, May 08, 2006

A TV series comes to the mobile

In an article in the Times Online today titled 'Now a TV series only on your mobile' it discusses the first reality series to come to mobile phones:

"THE demise of traditional broadcasting will move a step closer when the man behind Big Brother introduces the first British interactive reality series made exclusively for mobile phones.
Get Close To . . . , which begins on Friday, is a daily show starring and filmed by the pop group Sugababes. The five-week series will be available only to mobile phone users who pay 50p for each instalment.

The female trio will film a backstage video diary using their own phones, giving fans an insight into their lives as they join Robbie Williams on his world tour.

Fans will interact with the band, setting challenges that the group must complete and posting their own mobile-shot films in response to competitions set by the group. Fans will be invited to send films of dance routines that the Sugababes will incorporate into their stage act.

The series is the brainchild of Peter Bazalgette, the head of Endemol, the producer of Big Brother. A partnership between O2, Universal Music and Endemol, the series is seen as an experiment for the future delivery of music entertainment."

Since it will be filmed by the 'Sugarbabes' we don't have to be assured of its success! How sugary, urghh...

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