Friday, May 12, 2006

Aerial Imaging

In a recent MIT TechReview article titled 'Aerial Imaging Is Becoming an Indispensable Tool' it discusses how multi-angle, low-flying image-taking, once used mainly by government officials, is about to become available to everyone:

'Tens of millions of the static digital pictures will become widely accessible online this summer through Microsoft Corp.'s new map site, and analysts believe Pictometry's technology -- and the high degree of resolution in its images -- translates into a distinct competitive edge.

''Think of this as a long path to a kind of telepresence, the ability to go to places without actually leaving your office or your home,'' said Rob Enderle, a technology analyst in California. ''The higher the quality of the shot, the more valuable the service is going to be.''

So far, the 6-year-old company has mapped most of the nation's big cities and 140 counties where 30 percent of Americans live. The company says urban and rural zones encompassing 80 percent of the population will be shot by the end of next year, as well as big chunks of Canada, Latin America, Europe and beyond.'

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