Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Universities 'vital' to successful cities

In a post today from the Guardian newspaper:

"Successful cities need universities, according to a study on urban recovery published this week by the deputy prime minister, John Prescott.
The report, The State of the English Cities, compares high and low-performing urban areas and highlights the crucial factors of increasing the number of graduates in the workforce and the impact of innovation, reflected in patent applications.

London has increased the proportion of its working population with degrees at twice the average for England over the decade to 2001, notes the report by Michael Parkinson. Cambridge, Oxford, Reading and Bristol have also done better than the national average.

Prof Parkinson's research shows that towns like Mansfield, Grimsby and Hastings have lagged behind, as have Middlesbrough and Hull, even thought they have universities"

In that case, why aren't universities getting more funding??

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