Sunday, March 05, 2006

Top 50 Emergency Uses for Your Camera Phone

About has a list of top emergency uses for your cameraphone compiled by Paul Purcell, a security analyst and preparedness consultant : Just a few:

- Record parking spot locations
- Engine repairs. Send a pic to a mechanic who may talk you through a quick fix
- Child custodian. If you can't get to your kids at school or other function, relay a picture of the person who is coming to pick them up.
- ID your evac gear. Take a picture to prove ownership.
- Info on injured or hospitalized people
- ID the rescuer.
- If a rescuer is picking up your child or pet, photo the rescuer (and the child or pet) and the vehicle they used, their name tag, registration numbers on helicopters, vehicle tag numbers or names of boats.
- Hotel room number and location
- Property pics for retrieval companies. Some scenarios will see you unable to return home. Property photos will allow you to identify specific items you'd like retrieved.

Via Smartmobs

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