Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Advertising 2.0

Thanks to m-trends for this interesting post on advertising trends:

'In a paper called Advertising 2.0, advertising specialist Paul Beelen (Chile) attempts to provide some answers (or at least clues)... but for now, he says, the best way to be prepared is to simply be aware of the fact that things are changing. Something has been set off, that is impossible to stopped. And it will force advertising to reinvent itself in quite a few ways.

"What’s the effect of an advertising campaign, in a world where every consumer has instant access to all hard data about any given product? How can we even reach these consumers in a media landscape that consists of millions of personal blogs, podcasts and time shifted television? What is the role of marketing when consumers are directly connected to almost anybody within the companies they buy from?" '

Download Advertising 2.0 white paper (pdf, 128 kb, 21 pages)

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