Thursday, March 09, 2006

Blogjets and connected things

Worldchanging has a post on which it discusses a recent paper from Julian Bleecker about networked objects and the oft-talked about 'Internet of things':

"Julian Bleecker's paper A Manifesto for Networked Objects — Cohabiting with Pigeons, Arphids and Aibos in the Internet of Things (PDF) -- also known as Why Things Matter -- should be required reading for every WorldChanging participant, contributor or reader.

The essay looks at the rise of what Bleecker calls "blogjects" (objects that blog), precursors to Bruce Sterling's more complex "spime" concept. Simply put, these are networked objects that document on an ongoing basis their locations, their histories, and their purposes -- in essence, telling us their stories. On the surface, Bleecker focuses on the evolution of this technology, but in reality, he's really talking about a catalyst for bringing about the Bright Green future."

The future of connected 'things', whereby objects will be allocated a URL in an increasingly pervasive physical-virtual network, has much still to be discussed and I feel will be a major topic in the overhaul of the Net and social ties.

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