Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Live action urban game starts in London

This is an interesting post from on live action urban gaming:

Mind Candy, in conjunction with the Perplex City Academy, ran their first live action urban game" on Saturday with over 200 participants roaming Central London in a bid to complete a series of challenges and seize victory. [via ARGN].

"Using their mobile phones, players had to feed their answers and photographic evidence of their antics back to Base Camp via SMS and MMS messages, while the organisers sent out leaderboard updates, trivia questions and surprise tasks throughout the day.

With that, the players set off for the game zone, aiming to solve mind bending questions that took them from Chinatown to Centre Point.

Inspired by the flash mob phenomenon, the game seized upon the opportunity to create a spectacle. On each half-hour, six teams at a time were sent to Leicester Square, where they formed spontaneous choirs and performed a song of their choice. One group managed to find passers-by celebrating their birthdays, and promptly delivered a stirring serenade..."

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