Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dublin Riot Story

In another great post from Smartmobs we have more news on the ad-hoc flashmob appearances, this time in Dublin:

"Eamonn points Smartmobs to Indymedia Ireland heading 'Flashmobs and Smartmobs. Are The Mobs Left Out Of The Dublin Riot Story'. Eamonn adds: "this is the first Irish Smartmob(s) and boy what a mess."

'Why pay Eoghan Harris when spin and opinion is free eh?' sez Wag. 'All power to the commenteers!'

... "this was definitely the first example of an ad-hoc flashmob of citizen journalists banding together with a decentralised diy publishing infrastructure, spontaneously, as live and with no pre-planning whatsoever and with no notice, flexing its muscles and absolutely wiping the floor with the methods of the traditional media".

... " this was also in my opinion - after having read through as much citizen-reporting as my eyes can handle - the first truly spontaneous 'smartmob' protest in Irish history".

more pictures and video on the 'anti-Orange riot' in Dublin."

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