Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcome to the Hotel 747

Now here's a novel way of getting into the hotel business. Move over Easyjet holidays, this is a better way of combining the airplane and the hotel - as the same thing! Swedish entrepreneur Oscar Dios has bought an old 747 and turned it into a hostel:

Dios is stuffing 85 beds into a gutted Boeing 747 he's dubbed Jumbo Hostel and parked right outside Stockholm's Arlanda Airport. It's got 25 rooms, with some of the nicest on the plane's upper floor. But if you're looking for a romantic evening with someone special (or someone you picked up a few hours ago), you'll want the deluxe cockpit suite. It's bigger, it's got its own bathroom and it offers a stunning view of the runway.

While most of the rooms have shared bathrooms and showers, they've all got heat and air conditioning, WiFi and -- in a nod to the airplane geeks surely making reservations -- flatscreen televisions that double as departure/arrival monitors.



Read full post (including youtube video) at - 'Welcome to the Hotel 747'


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