Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Airport GPS: Because Pilots Get Lost, Too

More 'airplane' news coming out - this time its GPS for planes to navigate their own runways!


Sometimes, while waiting for my plane to pull back from the gate, marking the start of another insufferable domestic flight, I find myself getting scared. I look out the window at the rows of planes jamming the taxiways and gate areas and I think to myself, I don't know how the pilot is going to find his way out of this mess. Evidently, he's not always sure either.

Navigating America's gridlocked airports is like trying to keep track of Angelina Jolie's pregnancies, which is why Alaska Airlines is equipping its entire fleet with what is essentially a GPS system for planes. The Honeywell designed technology helps guide pilots around airport runways and taxiways, and is a software update to a system that is already used to keep planes from crashing into mountains and what Honeywell refers to as "other obstacles."

Much like a car navigation system, RAAS uses GPS to pinpoint the location of planes on the ground at a crowded airport.

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