Saturday, September 27, 2008

Segway - a step to happiness ?

The Guardian has a brief piece on supporting the Segway ss a 'clean, quick, safe and simple solution to our transport problems' and asks - 'So why can't we use them on UK roads?' Lib Dem Lembit Öpik argues the case:

Tourists in Washington DC move about the city's historical sites aboard the Segway Personal Transporter. Photograph: AP/J Scott Applewhite

(Photograph: AP/J Scott Applewhite)

The Segway PT (personal transporter) has the potential to do for personal transport what the mobile phone did for personal communication. It's a funny looking device, with two wheels side by side, handlebars in front of you, and an on/off button. When you switch it on, two huge gyroscopes power up beneath your feet, and keep the Segway upright and more stable than an ordinary bicycle.

To move forward or back, you just lean, well, forward or back. To move left or right you simply move the handlebars accordingly. And that's it. The average training time required is 90 seconds. Yes, in one and a half minutes you'll be competent to use a Segway PT.

It's range is 24 miles - good for most urban journeys, though I also use it in a rural area from village to village.

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