Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Channel 4's new website to inspire social change

The Guardian reports on how Channel 4 and social networking website Bebo have created a campaigning project 'aimed at inspiring teenagers to use the web "as a canvas for social change"' - is this just another social networking site/gimmick?

Battlefront profiles 19 young people, including knife crime campaigner Alexander Rose, giving a platform to a range of social issues and providing free tools such as blogs badges and discussion forums.

Another campaign by Troy Kennedy aims to persuade Coca-Cola to use its vast corporate infrastructure in the developing world to distribute condoms in the battle against the Aids epidemic; while Zoe Draper hopes to encourage a healthy body image among teenagers in the UK.

Matt Locke, Channel 4 commissioner for new media education, said TV had "polarised political action" into something that either needed to be led by a rock star with a wristband or a direct action campaign.

"On the web there are lots of ways to co-ordinate change. We wanted to show teens how to get involved and make those changes happen in your life, showing what those campaigns need," Locke added. "This is really about teens teaching other teens about these issues."

Read more at - 'Channel 4 and Bebo launch Battlefront website in bid to inspire young people'


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