Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Small World - but only for the eilte...

The Guardian reports on 'ASW' - or A Small World to the uninitiated. It is an invitation-only social networking site for the international jetset that lets only the most elite, connected, and moneyed into its ranks:

Sipping on a mojito and looking through the window at the line of hopefuls standing miserably outside, Nicola Cavallo, an investment banker from Milan, explained the attraction. "Everyone gets access to Facebook, but only a small number are invited to join ASW," he said. "ASW is the best place to find the best people and the best parties."

Julia Hausman, an investment analyst from German, explained that she recently skipped the waiting list for a £4,000 Hermes Birkin bag thanks to her ASW membership. "I still use Facebook, but to be honest ASW is just a little more exclusive," she said.

Apparently it's now become common as muck!

Read more at 'Small World that may be getting too big'


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