Monday, November 12, 2007

'Semantic' website promises to organise your life

NewScientistTech reports in ''Semantic' website promises to organise your life' how making sense of an ever-increasing number of emails, web pages, feeds, and social networking contacts is 'a tough job for even the most organised person' - But now a new website can organise your life like a personal assistant... (so say its developers!):

Radar Networks, a company based in San Francisco, US, is betting it can make sense of your information, by getting its website to learn to tell the difference between people, places, companies, and more.

Its website called Twine, which is currently in beta testing, harnesses the philosophy at the core of a discipline called the "semantic web".

The semantic web is an extension of the current web, but where information is stored in a machine-readable format. It should allow computers to handle information in more useful ways, by processing the meanings within documents instead of simply the documents themselves. To an extent, some web tools, such as tags, already tap into this philosophy.

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