Monday, November 05, 2007

The Semantic Web - a smarter way to find information?

Another piece from TechReview, this time looking at how a company - Radar Networks - is releasing a free Web-based tool, called Twine, that it hopes will change the way people organize their information:

Twine is a website where people can dump information that's important to them, from strings of e-mails to YouTube videos. Or, if a user prefers, Twine can automatically collect all the Web pages she visited, e-mails she sent and received, and so on. Once Twine has some information, it starts to analyze it and automatically sort it into categories that include the people involved, concepts discussed, and places, organizations, and companies. This way, when a user is searching for something, she can have quick access to related information about it. Twine also uses elements of social networking so that a user has access to information collected by others in her network. All this creates a sort of "collective intelligence," says Nova Spivack, CEO and founder of Radar Networks.

Read in full - The Semantic Web Goes Mainstream


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