Friday, November 09, 2007

101 gadgets that changed the world

The Belfast Telegram has developed a list of 101 “gadgets” that have changed the world. The mobile phone and SMS are among them, alongside aspirin, barbed wire, bras, easers, fire, toilet flushing, microchips, floppy disks, light bulbs, laptops and iPods.... an interesting menagerie!

For example, No 33. Floppy disk, 1971: did you know that the first floppies, invented in 1971 by IBM geek Alan Shugart, held just 100 kilobytes; modern disks can store 1.44 megabytes. Today, the largest iPod can store the same amount of data as 113,778 floppy disks, which in a stack, would match the height of London's BT Tower. Factoid!

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